Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dot Houses

Today, it's a Big Day for us!
Presenting our First ever Application.. Dot Houses!

Dot Houses is a Brain Teasing Game which you would have definitely played on Paper during your childhood. A perfect way to pass your time in Lectures!

The Objective of the Game is to Join dots on a Grid to complete your House. One with the most number of Houses, Wins!

This Game offers 4 difficulty levels against Android as well as 2 Player mode. In both of them, you can completely customize the Grid and select one out of 100 offered. You can select your own Colours as well!

In both Modes, turn-by-turn You need to join two Dots at a Time.

If You manage to join the Dots in a manner that it forms a Rectangle, then that Rectangle or rather that House is yours!

Even though if you
have not joined all the four sides, the one who completes the House, takes it! And if you complete a House, you get an extra Turn.

One who is able to create the maximum number of Houses before all of them are taken is the winner.

You can use this QR Code to download the Application from the Market! Just use a Barcode Scanner on your Android device and point it to this Code. You'll be directed to the Android Market from where you can buy this cute little game.

Enjoy Building Houses!